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We are humbled by widespread critical praise!

"Be Here Now (The Andy Whitfield Story)" is an extraordinarily moving, deeply personal…emotional journey undertaken by the soft-spoken Whitfield and his fiercely supportive wife, Vashti.  Foster and her remarkably unobtrusive hand-held camera present an unflinching portrait of a couple struggling to form a united front against mounting adversity.…it is as much a tender love story as it is a depiction of understated, real-life heroism in the face of an all-too-common tragedy.”

– Michael Rechtschaffen , Los Angeles Times



""Inspiring" seems much too paltry a word. The real miracle of Lilibet Foster's film is...every frame is suffused with a radiant hopefulness and the necessary realization to live every moment to the fullest, as indicated by its title. One of the most important and essential documents ever made [on this topic]..."

– David Noh, Film Journal International



"There's nothing not to like...BE HERE NOW is a terrific film, it's emotional, powerful and meaningful and there's an incredible sense of optimism coming out of it..." 

– Lewis Stephenson, Screen Relish



“Self-help-minded doc honors the spirit of Andy Whitfield…Foster makes it deeper, using an observational style to reveal the intricacies of a progressive disease and candid interviews with Andy and Vashti to strip away the veneer of celebrity implacability.” – Serena Donadoni, Village Voice


“Powerful and inspirational…Whitfield and his wife clearly granted unfettered access to the filmmaker who captures many highly personal, intimate moments…the viewer becomes thoroughly invested in the  fate of the film’s subjects…offset by the inspiration he and his family members provide...”

– Frank Scheck, Hollywood Reporter


“The film is hugely inspirational…makes you want to drop everything and start your own journey.” – Lance Carter, Daily Actor


“It is powerful, heartbreaking and deeply inspiring. Be Here Now is incredibly moving and a piece of work that deserves to be seen by all...” – Josef Arbiv, Film Ink


“…An uplifting story of positivity and love.” – Catherine McGregor, Metro Magazine


“…A beautiful film that celebrates Andy Whitfield’s life and gives viewers a message that life is precious.” – William Brownridge, Toronto Film Scene


““Be Here Now” (The Andy Whitfield Story)" is a must see. A deeply inspiring and uplifting story, with strong themes of courage and determination in the face of the unknown.”

–  Estera Zajanckauskaite, The Lancet Oncology


“This film provides perspective on life…The movie’s message is that powerful…it’s not to be missed.” – Andy Green, Pop Insomniac 

“Lilibet Foster’s powerful documentary…is very inspiring and hopeful...It’s a poignant and heartfelt sentiment that will touch the hearts of many…”

– Ernie Trinidad, Film Pulse


 “Stories like this need to be told.” – Chad Gleason, Moviepilot      


“Maybe life is not about what we didn’t get but all the things we do to fulfill our dreams while we are still here in the world…A truly inspiring film...”

– Shivangi Patel, Film-Book


“In Lilibet Foster's inspiring documentary...we see one man attempt to live his life without letting the disease define him…"Be Here Now" shows him to be a shining example of how to fight for the things that really matter. "Never stop; never stop fighting till the fight is done.” – By Travis Hopson, DC Examiner & Punch Drunk Critics


& http://www.punchdrunkcritics.com/2016/04/review-be-here-now-andy-whitfield-story.html


“It is an amazing thing to allow us all to share in what could have been their totally private journey.” – By Jeri Jacquin, Imperial Beach Patch



"LA Film Festival 4 Movies to Catch" by Bob Strauss, Los Angeles Daily News


"10 Los Angeles Film Festival Movies You Have To See" – Fred Topel, Crave Online

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Maybe McQueen is an homage to my beautiful husband Andy who died of cancer in September 2011, aged just 39. Losing my best friend, the father of my babies, the man I used to laugh with about something ridiculous on a daily basis, has completely broken my heart. At the same time it has fuelled me to get on with my life, to stop waiting until tomorrow when I feel stronger, happier, clearer or braver and to finally back myself in the way that Andy always backed me. 

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